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1. Robbie - June 6, 2007

Hey Doug, is Selma Blair returning? I hadn’t heard any official word yet.

2. Raphaël - June 11, 2007

Hello Doug!

After several research on the Internet, I found luckily this “dougie-blog” and I hope you won’t find this message too opportunist and naive.
So I’m a young french assistant camera who work currently in France and I have only one goal those days: work on the sequel of one of my favourite film “Hellboy” as a camera trainee. I’m such a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro’s work that I will do everything for him. So after several desesperate mails to a production assistant, I finally received a phone call from the lime producer (I think so…),a very nice man who explained me that it depens of the number of cameras on the set and he kept my phone number to call me back when it could be possible for them. He told me that he was going to talk to M. Navarro (and del Toro) to know if they could find a little spot for me… I really hope that it will work and I’m really looking forward to be in Budapest soon.
So I thought perhaps you could just give me some news and why not…talk just a little bit about a young fench guy who would give everything to be there… I hope you won’t be shocked by this message and will understand my request and situation. I give you my personal mail adress with this message.

So I hope to hear some news from you and thank you so much for your amazing work…

3. Tricky (Satellite Hero) - June 15, 2007


Thank you so much for the honest insight. I came across your blog via google searches for Hellboy 2 Info and was amazed by the way you express what’s going on with your life.

Thank you for the insight, and if you ever need some good rock (not screamy) music, send me an email 🙂

4. Lillian - June 23, 2007

Hi doug
Thank you for sharing your insight with the film. I frist saw you as abe. I was frist thinking wow who is that and what a good job. As I have done Work in full make up myself it is sometimes it is hard to get a expresstion with all that latex on. Thanks for the up dates and have fun.

5. Carlo - June 30, 2007

Hi, Doug!
I would like to take this opportunity of introducing myself. My name is Carlo Coratelli, I am 27 years old and I live in Italy. For the past six years, I have been writing for an online comic books information site (www.comicus.it), the reason for my writing this message is to ask if you would kindly answer a few questions for me about the Hellboy sequel and if you will allow me to publish your answers online.

6. Akiryu Fuyumi - August 1, 2007

sorry about posting again but…yea…I would like some pointers about being an actor. I am in drama class and do usually play the non-human roles and would deeply appreciate it if you can help me if you have any time ^.^ but only if you have time…don’t wanna be a bother
well please email me if you can.

7. Jesse - September 8, 2007

Hey Doug,
I decided to pop round your blog today and was extremely happy to see that you finally had a chance to post. You’ve left me in tears though..
I must say that I’m truly sorry to hear that you’ve lost such a good friend, from how you wrote about Ivan I can really see how much of an impact he made upon you, and even you upon him. It’s truly amazing how our real-life angels can enter our lives and change it in ways we didn’t know were possible and I’m so happy that in the short time you knew Ivan, you were able to show him things that most people will only dream about! (Who else gets to hang out all the time with a favorite actor and go to a movie set with them?)
I’m looking forward to hearing Ivan’s music.

Hoping the best for you and your real life angel, wherever he may be now,
Jesse Seidel

8. Lillian - September 15, 2007

Hey Doug
I sorry about the lost of Ivan. I glad you met him sounds like you both learned from each other. As I get older I have different views of the lost of a love one or freind. They are now pure energy and energy can not be destroyed. And as we go on in the footprints they leave in our hearts never go away. it sound like you where bless to know Ivan and him to know you. We are gods gift to each other.
Thank you for sharing your friendship with Ivan with us.
Hope all is well. Be safe and have fun.

9. Gleyce - September 29, 2007

Hi Doug!
I love your work, and very, very kisses for you, and good luck ok!!!!

I am your fan to brazil,
congratulations, you is a great actor.

10. Andrea - January 3, 2008

Hi Doug!
Firstley I whis you Happy New Year:-))
Truly thank’s,you did put dawn in writing the all action’s time’s when you still be here on Budapest.It is was telling affect for me:-))It is kind of you very mutch,for this I have so many respect for you!!!!Because I’m Hungarian,and I to leave on Budapest and It is good feeling for everybody hu watch you’re blog:-)
And I was able to when you start to work on HellBoy 2.
Just to us hadn’t chance to meet/:-( Sorry/,that time’s my work place it is Duna Corso You probably you still remember :-)where is it it’s near for Spoon Restaurant on waters of the Danube
From there I know some workmates:-)Mr. R.P. and Mr. L.G.:-) ,they very very great person and people for me,and I love them very mutch.And film HB and HB2 It is amasing,and great and exciting, so I have congratulations
With respect
Andi from Budapest

11. Andrea - January 3, 2008

oops:-):-) sorry:-)/no whis/:-):-) excuse me:-)
I start again…I wish you…
Have a wonderful year

12. nora mouse - April 7, 2008

Hi Dougie!
I just wanted to tell you “You know i can’t smile without you…” I miss you terribly but if God loves me we gonna see each other soon :-))) sok sok puszi: mouse

13. Eric Paradis - July 1, 2008

Thought you may be interested in this clip: http://www.reelzchannel.com/video/35094/hellboy-ii-the-golden-army-premiere It’s a great video interview of the Hellboy II premiere.

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