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I think I’m still alive … July 8, 2007

Posted by Dougie in Filming.

Budapest Hungary, Written between Wed. July 4 – Sunday July 8, 2007

After a long block of working, I finally have more than one day off in a row, so I checked in with my e-mail accounts, MySpace messages, blog responses, and website guest book entries to find literally HUNDREDS of messages.  So much love pouring in, and with so little internet time here, I feel absolutely guilty with my inability to respond to each one personally.  Thank you for your patience and forgiveness.

Last week was nothing short of brutal.  18 to 20 hour days with an average of 4 hours of sleep each night.  For instance, Thursday was a 21 hour day, followed by 2 1/2 hours sleep, followed by a 19 hour Friday.  I finally woke up Saturday at 7pm wondering what my name was.

So with a few days off, I’m out walking about the city like a zombie one afternoon.  Catching a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a store window I was shocked at how unkempt I looked and thought to myself, “Thank goodness I’m in a city half way around the globe where no one would ever know me.”  I kid you not, four minutes later, as I’m approaching the front entrance of my hotel, three Hungarian fan boys point at me on the sidewalk … “That’s HIM”.  Yes, they had been waiting there for who knows how long, and all three of them whipped out 8×10 glossies and DVD covers from the first HELLBOY, BATMAN RETURNS, PAN’S LABYRINTH, and RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER for me to sign.   Anyone who knows me, also knows how much I did not hate this.  Adorable.



Yes, the famous writer of such books as STARDUST (coming to theaters this summer as a movie!), AMERICAN GODS, THE SANDMAN, and soooo many more, including comic books and the animated film BEOWULF (in theaters November 2007).  So why do I mention him here?  Because he has been here visiting our set to shadow our director Guillermo del Toro.  His amazingly sweet and intelligent 12 year old daughter Maddy is with him and has been taking over his blog while here.  She is such an adorably funny young thing.  On this blog of theirs, the first images of me as Abe Sapien from HELLBOY 2 were captured in Neil’s camera.  Have a look at the June 27th entry:


Neil had also been reading my little blog, so when we wrapped filming on Friday, Neil kindly informed me that he and Maddy were going to take me on a walk about the city on Sunday, because he knew if someone didn’t make plans for me, I would never leave my room.  What a fantastic day Sunday was.  Maddy and I giggled a lot together, as though we were BOTH 12 year old girls, and I have decided that Neil Gaiman is the most fascinating human being I have met in the past year.  He is a wealth of knowledge with an enormous heart at the same time.  I never thought I would be so captured by someone pointing out different tree types, or explaining the rush of air caused by a big fountain, or why a Buzzard was happy with a piece of raw meat covered with flies in it’s zoo cage … and all with the most eloquent language.  He could make a grocery list sound like poetry when he speaks.  He also gave me such a calming perspective on balancing fame in a normal lifestyle.  From his work, you can tell he is deliciously imaginative, which comes out in his sense of humor as you walk with him.  So, by the end of the day, I felt like I had earned another university degree, but also had my hair tossled from the thrill ride that is Neil Gaiman.



“ROLL CAMERA”, and just before Guillermo yelled action, Jeffrey Tambor made a grimacing face, saying, “I have the worst gas … it’s ridiculous”, leaving Ron, Selma and me worthless for that take.

Out on the hillside set in heat of 90-some degrees, Ron, James Dodd (the other fellow sharing the role of Johann Kraus with John Alexander), and I were sweltering in our make-ups and suits.  That’s when my lovely and sarcastic Selma Blair started fanning herself in front of all of us proclaiming, “Ugh!  I can’t believe how hot I am with this extra tank top on!  But I can’t expect you guys to understand.”  As I laughed and told her I don’t know HOW she does it, she continued, “These socks are a really thick cotton too, you know that, right?”

Since Jeffrey and Selma are the only two NOT in some layered make-up, they are both so aware of the rest of us, bless their hearts.  By the end of last week, Selma tilted her head and asked me, “How are you today, sweetie?”  She quickly interrupted herself by saying, “You know what, never mind.  I don’t even want you to have to go there.  Stay in your happy place.”  Jeffrey simply put his hand on my shoulder and said, “There is a place for you in Heaven.”

We had only minutes for lunch one day when filming outdoors because of our failing sunlight.  Ron Perlman sat with me, and we had barely put a fork to our plates before they were calling for us to go back to the set.

DOUG:  Oh, OK, be right there.

RON:  We just got our food.  I’ll come when Dougie’s eaten enough. (Then privately to me) Dougie, you’re too nice, you make me look like an ass.

DOUG:  I’m sorry.  I don’t have this movie star thing down yet, do I.

RON:  You’re the Silver Surfer, man. (which he refuses to let me forget, bless his heart).

But my honor right now is being Brother Blue to my Brother Red.  Ronny was telling me one day that he sees our characters kind of as parallels to the real Ron & Doug.  He even went so far as to compliment me by wishing there was a place in this movie for Hellboy to look at Abe and say, “I will never know what it’s like to be as good as you are.”  I have no idea where he got such an impression of me, but I adore this man beyond belief.



Great, it happened again.  “CUT” yelled Guillermo, and the entire crew broke out in laughter.  Ron, Selma, and I were doing a scene in Hellboy’s room at the BPRD, and as often is the case for the partially blind Abe, they had to put a sandbag on the floor to mark my stopping point when I walk out into the room.  It takes just a couple of practice runs for me to get my flight pattern down before I can do the move as someone with full vision would.  But then there was this one take.  As the camera rolled, I hit the sandbag earlier than it should have been, and as I tried to keep the scene going, I felt around with my foot to find that sandbag again to get my end look at the right angle … but the bag had disappeared.  Leg extension this way.  Leg extension that way.  Using both feet now.  Thank goodness he yelled cut before my Rockettes kick line routine went any further.  “Where did my sandbag go!?!?”, I chuckled.  That’s when Selma collected herself enough to tell me that I never hit the sandbag, but I DID kick one of Hellboy’s kittens!  If you saw the first “Hellboy”, you’ll remember that Hellboy has a thing for kittens and his room is crawling with cats.  About 50 of them to be exact … well … 49 now, as one has been sent off to therapy.

Alright, I’ll let you rest your eyes now.  Thank you again for all the love, and I’ll be missing you, my cherished family and friends, when I am picked up tomorrow morning at 3:30am to start another 6 day week.

There’s Love!! — Dougie



1. Cookie - July 8, 2007

Good to know you’re still alive..:)
Gosh, beware of those evil kittens trying to disguise themselves as sandbags! They’re plain evil.. bad..bad kitties!! LOL
By some coincidence, my boyfriend will be in Hungary (Budapest) for the Grand Prix soon.. I’ve drilled him into saying “hello” should he ever
cross your path… so if a cute looking German guys says hi to yu out of the blue, you’ll know it’ll be from Belgium he’s coming from, and with a greeting from the Belgian Cookie 🙂
Kisses and be well!

2. David Beck - July 8, 2007

Wow… 21 hour days… Actually that rather sounds like finals time at my school. But I’m sitting in front of a computer all day, not running around in a blue suite and pounds of make up. I commend you for keeping up!

I’ve actually been following Neil Gaimans blog the last couple weeks. It’s entertaining to see Maddy’s entries mentioning you and then see you mention her here, seeing things from two perspectives. She really does seem like a sweet kid.

I am eternally over whelmed by how wonderful a person you seem to be. I think Ron was right on with all his compliments. Don’t change! Hollywood needs more good natured people like you.

3. Brenda Hann - July 8, 2007

Hi Doug !

Compliments to you from my mom!

My mom lives in Mexico, and I took my Pan’s L. DVD to her house, she grew up in a house like the one depicted in the film, and she was telling us how hard it was to keep those places clean, run baths and keep the kitchen going, she says an average of 10 people were needed to keep a house like that. My grandmother was a house manager for a general in Teotihuacan, MEX, so we all had fun with the movie and the stories my mom was offering. She was happy to hear you were the actor for Abe in Hellboy after seeing you in PL, my mom loved Hellboy and remembers the characters clearly, I think that is huge since my mom was raised very conservative, but she loves Hellboy!!.

Thanks for posting again,
the pics look so fun, Abe in sunlight!

Brenda Hann
Los Angeles, CA

4. Jason - July 8, 2007


I love your blog! Your voice is perfect for Abe. The animated stuff was outstanding. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And by the way… you are Abe Sapien not the Silver Surfer!! To me that’s a MUCH bigger deal… I have become a huge fan of your work thru GDT and Ron Perlman…. keep it up and next august will NOT get here soon enough for me! Keep that chin up and I hope you get a kick ass scene like the ones animated in Blood and Iron… you are due after the ass-kicking you received in Hellboy1 by Sammuel….

Stay Blue!!


5. Gary - July 8, 2007

Always great to hear from you my friend!I’m glad everything is going well.Take care!

6. Camilla Todd - July 9, 2007

Ahaha, poor thing (both you and the kitten!). To be honest, with that kind of system i was expecting you to say you’d approached the sandbag at too high a velocity, tripped and gone flying! That’d sure stop you on your mark, anyway. 😛

Glad you got dragged out and about, i’m rubbish at that sort of thing so i know how it goes. Glad for the link to Gaiman’s blog too, never read that one before and he seems like a real interesting guy, with a very intelligent sounding and witty daughter.

And don’t worry about replies, i’m sure everyone realises it’s not possible, i for one am just really enjoying hearing how things go on set. 😀 Here’s hoping you avoid zombiedom next week… i’m sure no-one would notice if you just close your eyes behind all those prosthetics… 😛

7. Laura - July 9, 2007

Hi Doug!!!!
It’s beautiful to read your blog again!! I’m sorry for the cat in therapy, I hope that won’t have to be you to pay him the doctor!Stay safe and have fun!!!
Kisses from Rome!!!

8. Courtney - July 10, 2007

I love you so much…Is that creepy considering we’ve never met?

How much can you see out of Abe’s eyes and goggles anyway?

9. David - July 10, 2007

Hey, nice to see you’re still writing 🙂

Anyway, if you ever feel like having a half-native (okay, let’s be frank, non-native at all, but I’ve been here for a while) guide to Budapest, I volunteer. We can even take the kitty and get it some “retail therapy” 😉

Anyway, have fun – and I can’t wait for the movie!

(And no, I’m not a creepy fanboy. Honestly! :))

10. Kristen - July 10, 2007

Dang, they need a crosswalk for those kittens. But anywho, good to hear from you again! I can only imagine what your going through with the heat. Next to you I’m a light weight, we get over 25 degress in Nova Scotia and I whine :p . But aside from the heatstroke risk, I’m sure Budapest is lovely and it must be even better with all those great people around. I Can’t wait to see brothers Red and Blue again.
Have fun and take it easy

11. Maya - July 10, 2007

Just reading this blog is making my sides hurt. 😀 It sounds like you are having a blast! I’m sure that kitten didn’t get kicked too hard. It might be in therapy for shock at seeing the giant fish walking around ;D ;P

Lots of love


12. Meredydd Cooper - July 11, 2007

Dear One-

Please don’t feel too guilty for not being able to respond personally to everyone’s emails etc. They know that you do think of them and that you are working hard to bring one of our favorite characters to life in your own inimitable way. We appreciate what you do and how you do it and are incredibly grateful that you try to address a personal note to us all. I’ve been reading this blog for a bit now and I agree with Ron; you seem a very good and real person to me.

Keep the faith, do good work and stay healthy. And stay off the kittens! They’re better for juggling anyway! 🙂

All the best – Meredydd

13. Sylvia Untermann - July 12, 2007

Dear Dougie,
it´s very nice to read your blog about filming Hellboy 2.I think it`s a hard time for you,without sleeping enough.Go on writing.I´m from Germany and the german fans are very interisting to read this.I´ve to translate your blog in our language.
Whishes and love from Germany from the Berlin “Ron -Perlman-Fansite”
Bye Sylvie
Big wishes to Ron,take care for your bones.We want you healthy.We hope,you come to Berlin again for Premiere to “Hellboy 2”.We want to see you again.

14. Amy, Jess and Bekah - July 12, 2007

There’s so much love. The things you do for your art! Glad to see you are alive and kicking…kitties. I promise not to tell Miss Kitty.

Can’t wait to have you back home with us all, but until then, glad you are enjoying yourself. We all miss you and know you will do an exceptional job. The girls are dying to see the Surfer. A quote from Jessica and Bekah every time they see a billboard, “Look, Mommy, it’s DOUG!!!”

And I know you will spend a tiny bit of that per diem on souvenirs! At least there’s hope!

Till November, then. Our best wishes are with you.

15. Sylvia Untermann - July 12, 2007

Hi Dougie,
it`s me again.Sorry,in my page-addy was a mistake.Wish you and all from the team a good working-day and I hope,all persons there get enough sleep and good food.
Bye Sylvie

16. Heidi P - July 13, 2007

You’ll probably get a bunch of people coming over here from Neil Gaiman’s journal. I love reading your blog. I just have to say that I have a teeny weeny, little bit of an idea what you go through since my husband has dressed up as a Klingon for fun (bumpy latex forehead and all). I have helped him get his forehead on and paint it with make up and tried to help him control the sweating and that’s in an air conditioned room! I’m grateful to you and Ron (and everyone else) for doing this and making movie magic with it! I’m glad you have such wonderful people to work with as I know that makes it easier.

17. Nevvie - July 14, 2007

Hi Dougie!

I’m absolutely thrilled you had such a good time with Neil and Maddy — I just knew you would all get on fabulously! 😀

The autograph hunters waiting for you is such a sweet story. 🙂

I hope you get more holiday time after such a grueling schedule. You deserve it! *squishes*

I love reading all about your adventures on and off set. You’re just as adorable on your blog as you are in person. *grins and squishes you more* 😀

Toodle pip!

Nevvie 🙂

18. CosmicAvatar - July 14, 2007

Dude, my cat gets under my feet all the time, even when my eyes are wide open. They Do It On Purpose.

(Outtake for DVD? Please?)

You were fab in FF: Silver Surfer and HB: Blood and Iron (or Blood ‘n’ Guts, as my other half said as he saw me ripping the packaging open to get at it), just BTW, even though I’m sure you’ve heard enough people say that already.

That is one gruelling schedule. And the heat! I couldn’t do it. But I guess having people like Ron, Selma and Co. around makes it a little easier, yes?

19. Olivia Sheridan - July 15, 2007

Hey Dougie,
I am one of the Neil Gaiman interlopers, and would just like to say that you also have a powerful writing style, fresh and eloquent, such a joy to read. You will have Neil fans everywhere drooling at the prospect of a day out with him. Congratulations on the movie and hope it ends with you still in one piece. Thanks heaps (and thanks Neil it is always a joy to find more blogs worth reading) and keep writing!
lov liv

20. Riddick - July 15, 2007

Hi dear Doug,

You seems to be so tired, I send you all the energy I can!
Take some rest, please!

Sometimes when I design a creature, I think about the guy or the girl in the suitcase. But my girlfriend say that a bad idea because it is put some barrier to my creations.
Anyway I love “monster guys in suits”.


21. Kat - July 18, 2007

I was taking a stroll (if you can call it that) along Neil Gaiman’s journal and came across yours. I never knew I was your fan. Really. I’ve seen most of the movies you’re in and, well, I really didn’t know you hahaha, if you get my drift. Congratulations on the movie. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

22. AngloCathJoi - July 18, 2007

Another visitor from Neil Gaiman’s blog: I just have to say that I LOVED Pan’s Labyrinth; I’ve never seen anything like it before! Also, if I’m not mistaken, you were one of the Gentlemen in the Buffy episode “Hush”? I was watching that episode with a friend, enjoying being completely creeped out by it: then the credits rolled. I jumped off the couch, scaring the daylights out of my friend, and shouted something along the lines of “Well, no WONDER the Gentlemen were so creepy and awesome! Look who played one of them!” Anyhow, good to read your blog, very cool!

And now that I’ve made a fangirl fool of myself, I’m going to slink off somewhere and pretend that I’m not a total geek.

23. Helen Chavez - July 19, 2007

Congratulations, dear Dougie, on being nominated as BEST ACTOR at the 2007 SyFy Genre Awards for your performances in PAN’S LABYRINTH!!!!



Webmaster, The Doug Jones Experience

24. Katie - July 19, 2007

Dougie! Good to see you’re doing fairly well. I guess everyone’s said everything that needed to be said, so…

Stay safe, well-rested and don’t kick any more cats! ;]

25. Soto - July 23, 2007

In an odd twist of fate, I adored the faun in Pan’s Labyrinth, swooned over the Silver Surfer in the theatres, and promised my undying love to Abe when I first saw Hellboy.

Imagine my surprise to learn that you played all three! Yes, I’m another Neil Gaiman fan.

Congratulations to you on your charisma and ability to invoke such feeling.


26. Cookie - August 1, 2007

My boyfriend is in Budapest for the week…
I hope he’ll see you..

Have fun:)

27. Akiryu Fuyumi - August 1, 2007

I’m a really big fan!!
You seem so exhausted and should watch out for your health. Acting is a hard work but try to look out for your health as well…my uncle was on tour and in Singapore he was so over worked that one of his major artery went boom and was rushed to ICU…well just saying to take care of the body and rest as much as you can ^.^
Keep up the great work ^.^

28. Carrie McIntosh - August 9, 2007

I just wanted to say we missed you at this year’s Comic Con. You weren’t there, but I was able to pick up your movie the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. I was so lame brained I forgot to ask the names of the people who manned your booth. Whoever they were they really nice. A young woman kept me entertained while someone ran off to get me change. Let me say the movie was awesome! Oh man did I just date myself ? Anyway thank you for sharing your talents to us who don’t have any and hope to see you on the big screen soon.



29. the Garkain - August 26, 2007

You’ll have to post again soon Doug. Getting worried!

30. Cookie - August 26, 2007

Yes… getting worried here too…

31. Laura - August 26, 2007

and here too!!!

32. Camilla Todd - August 26, 2007

Ditto… I’m rather hoping he’s just using the blogging time to sleep instead – if he was exhausted before i can only image how knackered he is at this point in filming!

33. Olli - October 28, 2007


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