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FOOD IN HUNGARY May 29, 2007

Posted by Dougie in Pre-production.

I’m loving the #3 Combo at the Burger King across the street.  Yes, unfortunately I AM that American who goes to a foreign culture and jumps for joy when he sees a KFC.  Of course I experience the local cuisine and fine dining, which is lovely, but when the bill comes, and I’m a cheap-ass miser, well, that #3 Combo doesn’t sound so bad now, does it.  My Per Diem (daily cash allowance for expenses) has always been a little game for me.  How much can I actually bring home with me at the end.  And being a hermit who has barely seen any of this city yet, I am off to a smashing start.  I think my goal is to be Old Man Jones one day who lives in that run down mansion on the hill outside of town, who never comes out, and just counts his money while cackling to himself.  Meanwhile, thunder rolls outside anytime the town folk speak my name.  A boy can dream, can’t he?



Since cameras don’t role until June 8th, I have SO enjoyed the couple hours here and there rehearsal schedule so far that affords me all this much-needed down time.  I finally pulled out my maps and travel guides yesterday, after being here almost 2 weeks, saying, “Hmm … so … Budapest … hmmm … ”   What’s the hurry, I have until early November, right?



I have been rehearsing scenes with Guillermo and the lovely Anna Walton, who plays Princess Nuala.  Without giving anything away, I will simply tell you that this is one fantastic actress, and her highness may bring out a side of Abe Sapien that you’ve never seen before.  Anna is just delightful, and is here in Budapest with her 4 week old baby!!!!!  I shall never complain about stress ever again for as long as I live (said Dougie, as he pictured 3am feedings before a work day).  My hope is that you will fall in love with Anna as we all have on this end.

One day on the way out of the production office with director Guillermo and lovely Anna, I put my hands in my jean pockets and found my fingers swirling around in star-shaped confetti.  Ah … yes … an old tradition that Mrs. Laurie started long ago.  Every time I leave for a location shoot, she sprinkles metallic confetti throughout my luggage when I’m not looking.  Then when I land in my temporary home on the other end, I find myself picking this crap out of every fold and pocket of my clothes … for weeks.  Annoying, but Mrs. Laurie finds it amusing as she sits at home chuckling to herself, while sipping tea and wearing an outfit that she didn’t have to shake out first.  This time, it is in the shape of stars with little pointy tips all around.  After hearing my explanation of this, Guillermo said, “Well THAT could hurt in the wrong garment.”  I assured him he was correct.  And Mrs. Laurie chuckles once more.

OOH — Here is a video interview I did at a sci-fi convention in Burbank, CA just a couple of weeks before coming here.  A few minutes of candid chat that will give you more insight into Dougie’s world of late.  Thanks to the good folks at IESB.com …


OK then (Dougie looks at his watch), looks like dinner time, and I hear a #3 Combo calling my name.

There’s Love!! — Your Dougie



1. Katie - May 30, 2007

Hey, any chance to eat familiar food is a good thing. Saves you the risk of getting sick from something, eh?

The more I hear about HBII, the more I get excited for it. The Princess sounds like a very interesting character! I can’t wait to actually see her on the screen. =]

As for the glitter… ahahahaha! Good luck trying to get it all out!

Take care and stay safe!
-Katie / Elegance Liberty

2. The Shadow Cat - May 31, 2007

Glad to hear that you’re taking it easy for a change. And as for the confetti, at least Laurie knows she’ll be on your mind. *snicker* Just make sure the knickers get a really good shaking out before you get dressed in the morning.


3. Riddick - May 31, 2007

Hi Doug,
I do not know how you are doing to be so skinny, and in the same time do your job under heavy make up.
It must be hard every day; do you eat or drink special “energy” food?

That must be a very nostalgic experience to meet again Abe, and certainly funny in the same time “oh I did not remember that is was so uncomfortable…”
Courage for the next steps, I cross my fingers for you and hope you will create wonderful and maybe cult characters!!
The Pale Man is already one of the best creature ever!

4. PyroFish - May 31, 2007

hmm…after reading this all that’s running through my head is a grumpy old Abe S. residing in an old run-down mansion, and when every time some kid even steps one toe on his lawn he flings confetti in to their eyes! “HA get off my lawn, you wiper-snapper!”
*ahem* yeah…..

5. Kyle - June 1, 2007

Hey Doug,

I’m glad to hear everything is going well.
I’ve been a big fan of Abe Sapien for a long time and am so excited to see you reprise your role as Abe and the two new characters too!
I hope everything is going well and you’re happy with everything.
I did have one question though, How do you feel personally about Laurence Fishburne voicing the Surfer? I mean I heard some clips and wasn’t sure if it was your voice or not but I also heard a clip of Laurence and I must say I like the one without Laurence, but yeah how do you feel about it?

6. Tommy - June 1, 2007

Hey from the island of Puerto Rico, hehe whats combo #3 consist over there? over here its the Bacon Double something.

7. Lindsay - June 1, 2007


I know I shouldn’t be offering condolences, but I am a little bummed that you’re not doing the voice of the surfer. I lobbied for you, I bugged the hell out of Tim on his myspace. I feel like a lot of people did, but that’s just the way the studio system roles. Anyway, I love all I’m hearing about Hellboy 2, and I’m excited about both movies regardless! Here’s to the guy in the muscle suits.

8. Amy James - June 2, 2007

See, this is why we love Laurie! Will keep her busy while you are away. That’s funny. I confess, I love the confetti, too.

And I am so glad you have the blog so we can keep up to date with what goes on in the life of our famous friend. {chuckle chuckle grin}

Our best wishes for an enjoyable time and we look forward to seeing you later!

There’s love for you!

9. Ferenc Wostry - June 4, 2007

Doug, if you need recommedations regarding what to see in the city or regarding restaurants, etc. just say so! 🙂

F. W., Budapest

10. Hamlet - June 4, 2007


Hello Doug,
I’m one of the hungarian Hellboy Fan’s. I read in a comix website that you came here earlier than the beginning of the film shooting.
I hope you have a great time in our capital. 😉

Anyway I love the Hellboy Comics, and the first Hellboy-movie was awesome great! I hope, the second part of the Big Red Guy (and his Spindle Blue Mate :))) will be frenetic too! 😉
Let’s kick the occult Nazi’s and their ugly demon’s ass! ;))

Finally, may I give you an advice? Forget the Burger King and KFC! Try some tradicional food, like “Hortobágyi húsos palacsinta” (it’s a rolled pencake full with grout meat)

Best Regards!

11. Hamlet - June 4, 2007

I mean “the second part of the adventure of the Big Red Guy and his Spindle Bule Mate”

12. Cookie - June 6, 2007

Hello Doug,

Glad you like the Budapest city. I’ve been there once, a long time ago..and loved it!

Hope you’re doing well…Any chance of seeing you in our lovely Brussels city, one of those days?


13. Maya - June 7, 2007

Sounds like your having fun. I’m going to agree with GdT. That would hurt lol. Anna sounds like a wonderful person. I can’t wait to see the chemistry between Nuala and Abe 😛


14. Cary Long - June 7, 2007

Hi Doug,

There’s always a “Cosmic Pizza” waiting for you back in Los Angeles
at the Nova Express Cafe! It would be fun to see you again!

Nova Express cafe

15. David Popovits - June 9, 2007

If you are sitting at Burger King next time on Blaha, and lets say it is later than 6 pm – then come out, cross Blaha and if you look at the big, ugly metal covered building (Corvin) walk into the street on the left side and after the small shops there is the entrance to the coolest place in the city: Corvin teto – on the 5th floor – the rooftop.

Check it out, love the women I mean the locals.-


16. Jonathan - June 10, 2007

Hey Doug,

Just thought I would drop you a line from good ole’ Muncie Indiana. Keep doing amzing work and creating incredible characters.

17. lipilee - June 13, 2007

At least Burger King gives you decent food and you don’t leave there 2 EUR for a beer.
Corvin teto sucks. It’s crowded and it’s expensive.

18. lipilee.hu | speak no evil - June 13, 2007

[…] a Corvin terasz/Corvin tető konteszt állását, csúnyán beelőzött Dougie, pedig nála csak kommentben jelent meg a név, ráadásul “Corvin teto” néven, […]

19. Sarah Myers - June 24, 2007

I just cannot wait to see that movie!!!!!! *runs excited* (I know: I’m fool XD)

20. Budapest: Tripcity - August 14, 2007

Uhm… there’s one thing that keeps on bugging me though.

I’ve been to a few filmings this year, apparently this isn’t the only US movie that cut the budget by doing it here ( in Budapest 😛 )

If I promise to behave… ( and not post the photos, why would I? )
Can I go to this one too?


21. Muscle And Fitness - October 30, 2007

Muscle And Fitness

I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

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